Touch ID Login Part of Latest Mobile Banking App Updates

How important is your cell phone? Did you check your e-mail this morning? Your Facebook feed at lunch? Maybe even buy movie tickets or a birthday present? Statistically speaking, you're probably even reading this story on your phone. There's seemingly nothing these handheld super computers can't do – they go with us everywhere and put the world at our fingertips, including your bank account.

Recent updates to Guaranty Bank's mobile banking app have made mobile banking the ultimate in banking freedom. With the new TouchID login, users with TouchID-enabled Apple devices like the iPhone 6 or newer can login to mobile banking with a simple fingerprint scan. It takes convenience and security to a whole new level.

"Today we use our mobile devices to gain instant access to news, mail, photos and more," said Shaun Burke, Guaranty Bank president and CEO. "Guaranty Bank's mobile banking applications provide easy and secure access to all your banking services 24/7 and is fundamentally transforming how all of us bank."

From bill pay to mobile check deposit, Guaranty Bank's mobile banking app is like carrying a bank branch in your pocket. With the latest updates to the app, you can now view check images directly in your account activity and even pay a person quickly and securely.

More than 90 percent of American adults have a mobile phone, according to research from the American Bankers Association, and 56 percent have smartphones. Of smartphone users, more than half are mobile bankers, the ABA says.

The demand for mobile banking options, including apps and increased functionality with mobile optimization, continues to grow at staggering rates as customers realize the simplicity and security of mobile banking. Upwards of 93 percent of customers check their account balances with mobile banking and 57 percent are transferring money between their accounts. Nearly 40 percent deposit a check using a mobile phone camera with these statistics rising every single year, the ABA says.

Be sure your Guaranty Bank mobile banking app is current to enjoy the latest features.

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